Design fees - Personalizes Printed Blankets, flags, banners, branded gazobos and out door displays

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Design fees
Coz you are worth it!
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Any standard design or one that I've designed before has no design fee chargeable.
If you wana add photos, then I ask only  R10 per photo for editing. Pure photo blankets design fee will depend on the design or layout of the blanket's design. A typical design fee of n new or unique design would be between R150 en R600 depending on the amount of yours I need to spend on displaying your emotions or bringing your wish or dream into really by demonstrating it on one of my awesome blankets or any other stunning "keepsake' product that you and your's will hold dear forever:)
After initial deign has been done you will be granted a once off change for free. Be it the background or colour or anything you might think off/ There after R50 per change will be required as we have many dreamers waiting in que who wish to either WOW themselves or someone close to their hearts😇😊
Shoes design:
A modest R50 will asked if it's not so easy to achieve, but if it's really easy, well, then no charge at all🥰
You will need to give me a design or image that is big enough to print. Not always so easy from your side to distinguish but I will certainly tell you if it is good enough or not. I will also always try my very best to make your image work and I do have special filters that can enhance a design to make it appear better then wat it is.

My promise to you is that I will NEVER print anything that I would personally not give to my kids or mom🥰

ps. I don't like to print "I hate you" or any "old SA" themes but now and then a "I told you so" blanq is nice coz Carma doesn't have the printers that I do😝😇
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